Fall Crossword Puzzles

Now that the hot summer days are over, here comes the colorful fall once again. This season surely is a part of the year for different learning activities, so for starters let’s have some fun solving these Printable Fall Crossword Puzzles.

Crossword puzzles with images as hints are a great exercise for strengthening spelling and writing skills.

Printabe Fall Crossword Puzzles for Kids

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Ready to start?

Enjoy the fall-themed puzzles and let the learning fun begin once more!

Printable Fall Crossword Puzzles for Kids

You will get 4 different fall crosswords in this pack.

Start off by printing out this free pre-colored pack and choose the crossword you want to start with first.

The first page includes images of an owl, a school, a leaf, and an acorn.

On the second one, kids will have to recognize a rake, a sunflower, a corn and a fire.

Continue to the third page and write down some more words. There is an umbrella, a scarecrow, a chestnut, a tractor, the wind, and a jacket.

And on the last page, kids need to write down the words as a hedgehog, a sweater, a pear, a cloud, and grapes.

The solutions of these puzzles are FALL, RAIN, BRANCH, and APPLE.

After the crosswords are solved, you can talk about the season and even create some cool stories using the words of each puzzle.

These simple crossword puzzles are great learning material for first graders and kids in kindergarten.

Encourage them to recognize each image and try to spell the word out loud.

This way, they will enrich their vocabulary while having a fun time finding out what the solution of each crossword is.

Printable Fall Crossword Learning Puzzles

Get your free Printable Fall Crossword Puzzles here.

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