Halloween Crossword Puzzles for Kids

We all love a bit of spooky stuff and with the Halloween just around the corner, we’ve prepared a pack of fun Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzles.

Recognising different images and writing down their names is a great practice for young learners.

Spooky Halloween Printable Crossword Puzzles for kids

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Ready to start?

Let’s go and solve some scary Halloween puzzles!

Free Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzles

This pack of free Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzles includes 4 unique pages.

Kids will have to recognize different Halloween-themed images and write their names into the appropriate empty crossword rows.

On the first page, there is an image of a hat, a mummy, a broomstick, and a pumpkin. The solution of this crossword is a “MASK”.

Continue to the next crossword game, where kids will have to recognize the images of a cat, a witch, a bone, a grave, and a bat. Your kids will reveal the word “TREAT” as a solution.

The next page includes a candy, a skull, a spider, a potion, a monster, and the moon. Kids could recognize the image of a potion as a poison, so let them choose the word they see fit. After solving this page, you will get the solution which is the word “SPOOKY”.

On the fourth page, there is a pot, blood, a ghost, a castle and a web – the solution you will get is a word “SPELL”.

Solving these type of word puzzles is perfect for kids that need to strengthen their spelling.

After your children solve the crossword, they will get a unique solution of each puzzle.

Write down the solution in the boxes below and see what word the crossword was hiding.

Halloween Celebration Crossword Puzzles

Get your free Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzles here.

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