From Worksheets to Learning Games Review

I firmly believe worksheets should be fun and be used as an addition to hands on learning so I’m always creating and using the ones that are just that.

This time around I am exploring who kindly provided me with a Plus membership at no charge to share my thoughts (good or bad) on their resources.

For those of you who might not be familiar with they are a huge resource offering printable workbooks and worksheets (many of them for free), learning games kids can play, lessons plans to make your life easier, science projects and more. In essence a must use site for teachers and educators of all kinds.

My Thoughts on

  • The amount of materials you can grab from their site is amazing, they have over 15,000 worksheets you can choose from so you can pretty much find anything your heart desires and navigating the site and finding just what you need is really, really easy.

    You can search the worksheet or activity you need by using the search bar or browse the resources by choosing a grade, subject or theme.

    All of the worksheets are visually appealing to kids and you will never get a cat in the bag as all products offer previews, detailed descriptions user ratings and comments from people who already used them (you can even pick up a great idea on how to use them in the comments).

Let’s get into more details here

I strongly believe playing games is beneficial to children (common sense when picking the games applies naturally). Kids can learn passively through playing them plus we do live in the digital era so why not get the best of it. offers a lot of learning games kids can play online – from those suitable for preschool kids to older ones. They are all visually appearing and have a clear to understand instructions.


Bug on the Rug Game A fun game for preschoolers where kids have to drag and drop a certain amount of fun bugs on the rug.
Worksheets and Workbooks

There’s a worksheet for pretty much everything. The thing that I especially love with Plus is that you get 2 workbooks a month if you do with a monthly plan and unlimited workbooks if you take the annual plan.

Workbooks are built around themes and subjects, each made for a specific age group. We’re now going through Read-aloud Tales for Kindergarten which is packed with fun stories and lets kids practice reading comprehension, verbal skills and pre-literacy skills.


Reading Workbook for Kindergarten
Activities and Science Projects 

Worksheets are great and all but to make learning trully fun you have to use them in addition to hands on learning and that’s where activities section comes in.

There is a ton of ideas to make learning trully fun from crafts to make to science experiments, all explained in detail, with downloadable content and ideas on how and when to utilize them.

Lesson Plans

This section will help you out with planning lessons as it has complete guides, again catalogued by grade, subject and allotted time to complete the whole lesson. Lessons can be downloaded and printed so you can take them with you when you need them.

Who and Why You Should Get PLUS

The verdict is here, PLUS membership is worth every penny.

I see it as a valuable resource for teachers, homeschoolers and parents.

Teachers and homeschoolers will really benefit when it comes to preparing lesson plans and grabbing just the right worksheet they need (in no time).

Parents will be able to quickly find workbooks to help their kids if they struggle with a subject or two and find tons of ideas for fun learning activities to do with their kids afters school.