25+ Ice Cream Puns and Jokes for Kids

Warm temperatures make it perfect to share some ice cream puns and jokes for kids – they will love each and every one of them. We scream for ice cream (jokes).

Whether you’re a parent wanting to shower your kids with love or just make them giggle, a teacher preparing a fun ice cream themed lesson and need something to make it even more fun our collection of 25+ ice cream themed puns and jokes is here to help. Include these in lunch boxes, add them to your lessons or just read them to your kids and have a laugh together.

Ice Cream Puns and Jokes for Kids

Ice Cream Puns

Send in a thank you card with a fun ice cream pun or a birthday card. Celebrate someone’s achievements or that special someone.

Ice Cream Puns

My love for you is un-CONE-ditional!

Ice Cream Puns

Some things are mint to be.

You are the best flavour.

Ice Cream Puns

Your smile makes my heart melt.

I scream for ice cream.

Ice Cream Puns


Ice cream because you drive me crazy!

You are the coolest!

Ice Cream Puns

Ice Cream Jokes and Riddle Jokes

We have some of the most fun ice cream jokes and riddle jokes ready for you. Be sure to also check out collection of classic What am I ice cream riddles.

Ice Cream Jokes

How does an ice cream say hello? “Ice to meet you!”

What did one ice cream say to the other at the party? “You’re so cool!”

What happens to the ice cream when it doesn’t get what it wants? It has a melt-down!

I tried to find some ice cream jokes on the internet. But then my browser froze.

Why did the ice cream quit its job? It didn’t like working on sundae’s.

Why does everyone want to be friends with ice cream? Because it’s cool!

Ice Cream Jokes

What’s a ghost’s favorite ice cream flavor? Boo-berry!

What did the ice cream say to the annoying cake? “You need to chill out!”

What kind of ice cream do electricians like? Shock-a-late!

What’s a vampire’s favorite ice cream flavor? Vein-illa!

Why do ice cream cones make great reporters? They always get the scoop!

Why did the ice cream get promoted? Because it was cool under pressure!

What’s an ice cream’s favorite party game? Freeze tag!