Let’s Learn About Frogs

Frogs are fun aren’t they! I’ve created some printables to make learning about them easy!

Let's Learn About Frogs

Frog life cycle worksheets – they have a really interesting life cycles kids love to learn – from tadpoles to full grown hoppers. I’ve created a bunch of different worksheets – from naming the steps of the life cycle to having the kids draw the missing stages of it to make learning about it really, really easy.

Frog facts for kids – learning about the life cylce is one thing but there are a ton more of super fun facts about these amphibians to know – some might even surprise you! Like did you know frogs use their eyes to help them swallow food? How cool (and kind of creepy and eeew) is that?

Frog Activity Printables – now just for the fun of it I’ve also created an activity book full of fun puzzles to solve, mazes to get out of, word searches (…) for kids to solve and have fun with.