Learning About Solar System Part One

I’m really happy to have started the space and solar system printbales series as space is something that I loved to learn about as a kid and still enjoy reading and learning about as an adult (how cool is the Phillae’s landing on a comet?).

So I started with solar system worksheets for kids of all ages – I’ve put together a few different versions to make learning about the planets fun – word searches, connecting the planets with their names, scrambled words… I think there’s something for pretty much everyone to be found there (I really tried to make it fun as learning about solar system should never be dull). As I think word searches are really fun and a great way to memorise the names I decided to make another page dedicated just to those (check the solar system word search puzzles)

Next I though it would be fun to learn more about the solar system so I’ve put together a printablesolar system facts for kids sheets. When I was done with that I thought it would be fun to make more detailed fact sheets for planets and other bodies that can be found in our part of the galaxy so I also made a page for sun facts, Mercury facts, Venus facts, Earth facts, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune facts for Kids¬†– all with free printables so kids can actually make their own space fact book! I can’t wait to make more space themed fact sheets and I hope kids will enjoy them – I think reading fun facts is a great way to learn cool things!

Now while these are super fun they aren’t a fit for preschoolers and I do want them to love space too so I’ve also put together aspace themed preschool pack ful of fun activities for them to do!