Solar System Word Search Puzzles

Learning the names of planets will be a whole lot easier with these free printable Solar System Word Search Puzzles.

And once they master the names they can also solve the solar system worksheets with ease!

Solar System Word Search Puzzles

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I’ve made a few different variations of these so your kids won’t easily be fed up with them.

Let’s search the words!

Solar System Word Search Puzzles

Get Free Printable Solar System Word Search Puzzles.

Let’s see if we can find the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptun!

The first pack of printables has 5 different word search puzzles where kids search for these basic solar system objects.

The next pack also has 5 puzzles and it includes all the words the previous one does (so all the planets and moon and the sun) plus there are also other objects that are found in our solar system (not all as there are a whole lot of them) – asteroids, meteoroids, comets, dust, satellites…

All in all lots of fun!

I really hope your kids will enjoy these and that their interest in space will only become stronger as it really is magnificent – I catch myself sometimes just looking at the stars and thinking about all the wonders space has to offer.

Solar System Word Search Puzzles

Get these free printable Solar System Word Search Puzzles here.

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