Summer Word Search Puzzles

Scare the boredom away with this set of Summer Word Search Puzzles!

Printable Summer Word Search Puzzles

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While I do think most of summer days should be spend outside there are a few hours a day you should stay away from the sun and there are rainy days – in both cases these free summer word search puzzles will make a great activity for the kids.

If there’s still a few days of spring left you can also print spring themed word search puzzles for your kids!

We’ve got a ton of other printable activity worksheets and the collection is ever growing.

Printable Summer Word Search Puzzles

But no we are at summer!

The time of vacations, outdoor play and if you are lucky a time to plan a visit to the seaside…

I do love almost all things summer (I’m not a fan of days that are too hot).

So let’s find those hidden words shall we?

Summer Word Search Puzzles

Easy 5×5 Summer Word Search Puzzles

These activity sheets are best for the little ones as 5×5 grids make it super easy to find the hidden words. Stress free and fun!

10×10 Grid for the More Demanding

10 x 10 is a bit more challenging and as it also has diagonal words it’s best suited for kids who already have experience with these kinds of puzzles.

20×20 Grid

Last but not least we have a few puzzles for the word searching experts!

Get your own free printable Wordsearch Puzzles Summer Theme here.