Halloween Word Search Puzzles

What better way to practice on your kids reading skills than to have them solve the Halloween Word Search Puzzles!

Word search puzzles offer great exercise for the brains (young and older) so be sure to solve one or two yourself too (I promise they are fun).

These pack a ton of spooky words – you will be searching for zombies, sneaky witches, skeletons and more (I admit I totally forgot to include ghosts though – boo!)

Let’s have some fun!

Halloween Word Search Puzzles

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Get Free Printable Halloween Word Search Puzzles

So are you getting ready for the awesomest time of the year?

This is one of my favorite holidays as you know you can totally dress up and act like a kid (we should have days like this every month if not even more often if you ask me).

Wordsearches are one of my favorite kind of worksheets as kids love to solve them and don’t even view them as worksheets (that’s why they are really great to use in all kinds of learning!)!

This printable pack includes 12 pages:

  • 4 super easy puzzles for the youngest ones (with only 5 to 6 words to find)
  • 4 medium ones with 12 hidden spooky finds
  • 4 “hard” ones with 18 words to find.

Halloween Word Search Puzzles fro Kids

Get Free printable Halloween Word Search Puzzles here.

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