Halloween Worksheets for Kids

halloween worksheets

Halloween Worksheets for Preschool

Super fun learning for the youngest ones – these printables will be loved by your preschooler as they will hekp them with skills needed before they enter kindergarten.

File Folder Games – fun games kids can play over and over again.
Pumpkin Math Worksheets – fun math worksheets where kids can count the pumpkins to get to the correct answer.
Pumpkin Coloring Pages – although technically these are not worksheets they will help your kids with holding the pen the right way and to strengthen hand muscles.
Halloween Coloring Pages – these are spooky and fun.

Halloween Math Worksheets

Color by Numbers – fun numbers activity.
Counting Worksheets – count and trace the correct answer.
Halloween Dot to Dot

Writing and Reading Halloween Worksheets for Kids


Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Worksheets as Halloween is the best time to learn about pumpkins wouldn’t you agree?