Halloween Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Kindergarten

Spooky Reading Worksheets!

It’s time to practice those reading skills and to bring out the spooky with these Halloween reading comprehension worksheets!

Halloween Kindergarten Reading Comprehension

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This is jet another addition to my ever growing kindergarten reading comprehension worksheets collection.

Some kids start reading early and other’s don’t, some love it, some hate it and it is up to you to decide if worksheets are their thing (for those that aren’t loving them I really, really suggest you do a lot of hands on activities before giving these a try).

Halloween Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Kindergarten

Let’s have some fun!

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets – Halloween

There is a huge leap in what a kid can do in the beginning of the year and at the end of the year as their skills constantly develop.

Also every child is developing different skills at their own pace so I’ve created these with 2 different difficulty levels.

This printable pack includes:

1 pages where kids will have to read one word and connect it to the picture – this one being super easy.

3 pages with relatively easy sentences either describing the pictures or generally talking about the images and where kids need to read the sentence and connect it to the correct picture.

Halloween Kindergarten Reading Comprehension

Get these free printable Halloween Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Kindergarten here.

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