Halloween Reading Comprehension Worksheets for 1st Grade

Spooky Reading Worksheets
It’s time to practice those reading skills and to bring out the spooky with these Halloween reading comprehension worksheets!

Halloween Grade 1 Reading Comprehension

This is jet another addition to my ever growing grade 1 reading comprehension worksheets collection.

These will be a lot of fun and perfect to use right now as on of the most fun holidays (for kids and adults alike) approaches.

Halloween Grade 1 Reading Comprehension

Let’s have some learning fun!

Halloween Grade 1 Reading Comprehension

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As all kids learn to read at their own pace some 1st graders will find these super easy and some will struggle with them (depending on curriculum these can also be used in some kindergartens). You know your child best and you are the best judge if these will work with your kid – learning should always be fun and stress free!

This printable pack includes:

4 pages with short easy to follow stories (with simple short sentences) which kids have to read (or you read to them for listening comprehension). When they are done reading (or listening) they have to answer 3 questions about the story by circling the correct answer.

Get the worksheets here

Halloween Reading Comprehension

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