Fun Mars Facts for Kids

There are so many interesting facts about planet Mars.
Let’s learn with facts about Mars for kids!

Fun Planet Mars Facts for Kids

We went through the solar system facts for kids the other day and now it’s time to take a closer look at the red planet.

This is a planet I wasn’t all that keen on as a kid – apparently there were Martians there and from all the horror movies me and my neighbour secretly watched I was positive they were up to no good. I remember checking the nigh sky for a long time just in case Martians would come visit haha.

Fun Planet Mars Facts for Kids

Let’s learn something the red planet shall we?

Planet Mars Facts for Kids

Fun Planet Mars Facts

  • It orbits the sun in 687 days.
  • A day on Mars is about 39 and a half minutes longer than on Earth.
  • It is also called the Red Planet because of the dust in the atmosphere and iron rich soil.
  • It was named after a Roman god of war.
  • It has the largest dust storms in the entire solar system (they can even cover the whole planet).
  • Mars has the second highest mountain in the entire solar system – the Olympus Mons.
  • It can be seen from the Earth with a naked eye.
  • It has an atmosphere.
  • It has 2 moons (Phobos and Deimos).

Fun Mars Facts for Kids With Free Printables

Free Printable PDF with Mars Facts
Reading the facts is one thing (and it can be sufficient if your kid is a reading type) but visualising things can be even better. That’s why I’ve created this fun printable with all the facts illustrated to help kids “learn” about them.

Get Printable Fact Sheet Here

Mars facts for kids

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