It’s Time for Some Christmas Learning

It feels like it was Halloween only yesterday and we’re already rushing to Christmas, but that’s fine with me as I am a Christmasy kind of a girl! We’re one of those families who set up our tree weeks before and love everything related to this holiday. So I’ve pulled up my sleeves and made a first batch of festive educational printables!

 It's Time for Some Christmas Learning

Counting and Numbers
Let’s count! I’ve created sweet Christmas counting worksheets that are just perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten as kids have to count the festive figures (numbers from 1 to 10) and mark the correct answer (color the box if they are in preschool or trace the correct number if they are in kindergarten or are already learning how to write numbers.

And I’ve got another fun activity sheet to help kids with learning the numbers – Christmas color by numbers!

Fact Sheets
I’ve been making more and more facts for kids printables lately as I think they are a cool way for kids to learn about animals, geography, objects and well pretty much anything else. In the spirit of all things jolly I’ve created a page and a printable with fun reindeer facts for kids and Christmas facts for kids.