Letter G Tracing Worksheets

Get to know the next letter of the alphabet with a pack of Letter G Tracing Worksheets and learn how to write it in its uppercase and lowercase form.

Tracing the dashed letters is an excellent pre-writing activity for your preschoolers and kindergartners and with these worksheets, it will become a fun one too.

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We also got a huge set of handwriting worksheets for the young learners that will certainly be of great help with their writing skills.

Letter G Tracing Worksheets

There are two pages in this letter G tracing worksheets pack.

This type of letter learning exercises will also help your kids to build up their writing confidence.

On the first page, they will be tracing the upper-case letter G.

There is a huge letter G in the top-left corner that shows your kids how to gradually write the letter.

To keep them engaged during the process, they can color the images of a goat and a guitar with their best markers.

If your kids need more practice, we do recommend laminating the worksheets.

They can use their dry-erase markers to write on them as often as they need.

Letter G Tracing Wroksheets

On the second page, there is a lower-case letter G practice.

Because we know learning has to be as fun as possible, we’ve designed a great pack of alphabet worksheets to really strengthen the skills.

They can color the letter g at the bottom of the page and trace the word “goat”.

This way, they will get some more practice writing the other lower-case letters.

Each worksheet also includes a blank row, so your kids can write the letter on their own.

Trace the Letter G Worksheets

Get your  Letter G Tracing Worksheets here.

For more pre-writing fun, we’ve gathered a bunch of tracing worksheets for your kids to practice on.

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