Letter E Tracing Worksheets

We are moving on onto learning how to write the letter E. Print this set of Letter E Tracing Worksheets and have your kids or students master this letter of the alphabet.

Having a good grasp on the letters of the alphabet is the foundation for your kid’s language and handwriting skills.

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The ABC’s can be challenging for young kids, we have many alphabet worksheets to accompany hands on learning of the alphabet.

Letter E Tracing Worksheets

This pack is dedicated to the second vowel of the alphabet – the letter E.

There are two printable pages in the set. Each page includes two images, that start with the letter E.

We want to make learning as fun as it can be, so we’ve added an image of an eel (long e) and an egg (short e)  for your kids to color and trace their names.

On the first page, kids will learn to recognize and write the upper-case of the letter E. In the left-top corner, there is a big example of the letter that will guide your kids to write it down correctly.

Kids will learn how to write a readable letter E and build their writing confidence at the same time. Because we know tracing is great for muscle memory development and writing skills, we’ve got another awesome pack of handwriting worksheets your kids can work on.

Trace the Letter E Worksheets

The second page is all about the lower-case letter E.

Both pages also include 1 blank row, so kids can try to write the letter on their own and practice some more.

We’re sure your preschoolers and kindergartners will quickly master the letter E after solving this pack.

Letter E Tracing Wroksheets

Get your Letter E Tracing Worksheets here.

If you need some more fun exercises, we’ve got a whole bunch of tracing worksheets your kids can practice on.

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