Valentine’s Day Number Tracing Worksheets

With 14th February coming up, we thought it would be fun to do some V-Day themed number writing exercises. A new pack of Valentine’s Day Number Tracing Worksheets is here for your kids to practice on.

As we know the best way to learn how to write numbers is by tracing them, we are sure this printable pack will come in handy.

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Ready to start?

Grab your crayons or markers and trace the whole pack of numbers!

Valentine’s Day Number Tracing Worksheets

This Valentine’s Day number tracing pack includes 10 different pages. Your kids will be working on tracing the numbers from 1 to 10.

Each page includes one number and the matching amount of images.

These worksheets are perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten, as they are simple to follow and fun to do.

Valentines Day Number Tracing Worksheets

There are 3 rows of pre-written numbers on each page.

Kids need to trace all of the numbers and can try to write them by themselves into the last two blank rows.

Each of the pages also has images that kids can count, and the number of images is the same as the number they are writing down. On the first page, there is a dove.

The second page includes two swans. The number three is marked with three roses.

On the fourth page, there are 4 hearts. The following page has 5 lovely envelopes on it.

On the next page, there are 6 trees with hearts. The number seven has seven doves.

On the eighth page, there are red roses. Continue to the next page, where there are 9 bears holding hearts.

And on the last page, there are 10 hearts.

Tracing will help your kids to become confident in writing numbers on their own.

Encourage them to count Valentine’s Day themed images on each sheet, so they’ll remember the number faster. This way they will become masters at subitizing and will recognize the number of images with no “real” counting at all.

You can laminate the worksheets, so your kids can use them more often and write on them with dry erase markers which will make them last longer and is a perfect solution for classroom use.

Tracing Numbers to 10 - Valentines Day Worksheets

Get the Valentines Day Number Tracing Worksheets here.

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