Letter I Tracing Worksheets

Working on your ABC’s? Do some fun pre-writing practice and learn how to write the third vowel of the alphabet with our Letter I Tracing Worksheets for kids.

These letter worksheets are a great practice for kids in Pre-K and K.

Free printable Letter I Tracing Worksheets for Kids

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Letter I Tracing Worksheets

There are two letter I tracing worksheets in this pack.

On the first page, kids will be practicing how to write the upper-case letter, and on the second one, they will be tracing the lower-case letter I.

Both of the worksheets are structured in the same way.

As we know repeating the same exercises over and over again can quickly become boring, we’ve added some coloring images to keep the little hands engaged.

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On the first page, kids can warm up by coloring a big ice cream.

Beside the image, there is a big letter with guides. Numbers and arrows are showing how to write the capital letter I properly step by step.

At the bottom of the sheet, young learners can color a small image of an igloo and trace the word with their markers.

Trace the Letter I Worksheets

The second tracing worksheet is all about the lowercase letter I.

Kids will be coloring the same images as they did in the first worksheet.

Continue the exercise by tracing the word “ice cream”.

Both tracing worksheets include an outline of each letter.

Children can have some fun with their playdough and place it on the outlined letter I.

They can also use their best crayons to color it and make the worksheet look even cooler.

Letter I Tracing Worksheets

Get your Letter I Tracing Worksheets here.

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