100+ Fun Riddles for Kids (with answers)

Open the door to endless fun for your kids with our curated collection of over 100 best riddles for kids (and adults, too!). There is something so satisfying in cracking a riddle; witness the joy on your kid’s faces as they figure out the answers to these. Not only are riddles super fun, they are also a great way to engage young minds. At the intersection of amusement and education, riddles prove to be an excellent tool to engage young minds.

Introducing riddles to your child is always a great idea. They are excellent boredom busters, but they also enhance cognitive skills and problem-solving. Riddles provide a fun blend of entertainment and education.

The Best Riddles for Kids

Join us on in discovering a variety of riddles that captivate young and old minds alike. Spend the afternoon solving riddles, include these in your kid’s lunchboxes as a special treat or use them to set up a scavenger hunt.

1. Riddle: I’m not a bird, but I do fly, through the air, way up high, with metal wings spread wide. (airplane)

2. Riddle: I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? (candle)

3. Riddle: I’m a creature with a strong back, with a saddle, I hit the track. What am I? (horse)

4. Riddle: What word is spelled wrong in the dictionary? (wrong)

5. Riddle: How many months of the year have 28 days? (12, all months have 28 days or more)

6. Riddle: I start as a tadpole, swimming free, legs sprout, and I become a jumper you see. What am I? (frog)

7. Riddle: I’m a four-legged friend, fluffy and true, I fetch the stick, something I’m always ready to do. What am I? (dog)

8. Riddle: I have fur, I have purrs; in a sunny spot, I curl in spurs. What am I? (cat)

9. Riddle: I’m a bird with a fancy suit; in the cold, I’m really cute. What am I? (penguin)

10. Riddle: I’m not a seashell, but I rest in the sea, keeping boats still as can be. What am I? (anchor)

11. Riddle: I’m not a bird, but I flutter in the sky; with colorful wings, I dance on high. What am I? (butterfly)

12. Riddle: Which letter of the alphabet has the most water? (letter C – sea)

13. Riddle: I will fill a room but take up no space. What am I? (light)

14. Riddle: I’m not a lady, but I wear a red dress with dots, on meadows and gardens, I’m found lots. What am I? (ladybug)

15. Riddle: I’m not a lion; I’m not a bat; in the treetops, I chatter and chat. Peel my favorite snack, oh so right, a yellow banana, my jungle delight. What am I? (monkey)

16. Riddle: I am made of water, and I am clear, but when you put me in water, I disappear. What am I? (ice)

17. Riddle: What kind of lion never roars? (a dandelion)

18. Riddle: If you feed me, I grow, but give me water, and I die. What am I? (fire)

19. Riddle: Lia’s mother has 3 children. One is named Joe, the other’s name is Jack. What’s the name of the third child? (Lia)

20. Riddle: I’m red and round, in pies I’m often found, a fruit so sweet, a teacher’s gift, a tasty treat. (apple)

21. R: In the fall, I begin to undress; through winter, I am naked, but I don’t stress. I have no fingers, but each year I gain a new ring. I wear them proudly, even though they are not bling. (tree)

22. R: I’m not alive, yet you can feed me and I grow; I don’t have lungs, yet I need air. What am I? (fire)

23. R: Not a scarf, not a vest, on your head, I find my rest. I keep your head warm, even if there is a blizzard or a cold, cold storm. (hat)

24: R: I get wet when I dry. What am I? (towel)

25. R: What starts with an E, ends with an E, but only contains one letter? (envelope)

26. R: What’s full of holes but still keeps water? (sponge)

27. R: What has neither flesh nor bone, but has fingers and a thumb? (glove)

28. R: I have a dark side you never see, silent in the night sky, I come to be. (moon)

29. R: I have many hearts but they don’t beat, I have many diamonds, but they aren’t a sparkling feat. What am I? (deck of cards)

30. Riddle: I’m a yellow wonder, a curved delight; in a fruit bowl, I catch the light. What am I? (banana)

31. What kind of band never plays music? (a rubber band)

32. What can jump higher than a building? (everything that can jump, as buildings can’t jump)

33. What is easier to get into than out of? (trouble)

34. The more of this there is, the less you can see. What is it? (darkness)

35. What has many keys, but cannot unlock a single door? (a piano)

36. Tim called his dog from the opposite side of a river. The dog crossed the river without getting wet, and without using a boat or a bridge. How? (the river was frozen)

37. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years? (the letter “M.”)

38. What are eight 8s that add up to 1,000? (8 + 8 + 8 + 88 + 888 = 1,000)

39. When Jess was 10 years old, her little brother, Jake, was half her age. If Jess is 40 years old today, how old is Jake? (35, when Jess was 10, Jake was 5, so he is 5 years younger than Jess).

40. Riddle: I have four legs but can’t walk a mile, you sit on me, in a room with style. What am I? (chair)

41. I’m not alive, yet I buzz and ring, connecting people, a communication king. In your pocket, I snugly reside, what am I, always by your side? (phone)

42. With a neck so long, reaching for the sky, spots on my coat, as I stroll by. What am I? (giraffe)

43. In rivers and swamps, where the waters flow, Aa lurking creature with a stealthy glow. With scales and jaws that snap with style, what am I, in murky water’s aisle? (crocodile or alligator)

44. In fairytales, I’m a magical sight, with a single horn on my head, sparkling and white. Galloping through dreams, both day and night, what am I, a creature so light? (unicorn)

45. In ancient tales, I breathe with fire, scales on my body, fierce and dire. With wings that span, I soar high, what am I, flying in the sky? (dragon)

46. In the morning, I rise with golden grace, chasing away darkness, lighting up space. A celestial ball, a fiery run, what am I, the source of warmth and fun? (sun)

47. With floppy ears and a cotton tail, In meadows green, I hop and sail. What am I? (bunny)

48. I have four wheels, and I can go fast, on roads and highways, I’m unsurpassed. With an engine that purrs, and lights that gleam, What am I, on the traffic stream? (car)

49. On the roadside, I stand so tall, with colors three, I control them all. What am I? (traffic light)

50. Riddle: What two things can you never eat for breakfast? (lunch and dinner)

60. Riddle: I belong to you, but your friends use me more. What am I? (your name)

70. Riddle: In the jungle, I’m a giant grey, with magnificent tusks, I lead the way. What am I? (elephant)

80. Riddle: I am an odd number. Take away a letter, and I become even. What number am I? (seven)

81. R: Firmly grounded, yet I touch the sky, seasons change, and so do I. What am I? (tree)

90. Riddle: What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? (stamp)