Spring Odd One Out Printables

This set of Spring Odd One Out Printables will help children practice identifying differences and similarities between images. As it’s a spring themed set, it makes a charming and amusing way to welcome back springtime.

Spring Themed Odd One Out Printables for Kids

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With this type of worksheets, children look at the row of images and cross out or circle the picture that doesn’t belong.

Spring Odd One Out Printables

There are many other ways you can use these printables, even beyond the kids spotting the odd one out.

  • Make colorful 3-D pictures
  • Cut them out and create a fun spring-day scene
  • Practice counting and math
  • Create popsicle puppets to tell a story
  • Color, cut out and laminate to create a fun memory or match game

How to Create Colorful 3-D images
1. Let the children color in the images.
2. An adult or an older child can cut out the colored images.
3. Use a large piece of construction paper as the background.
4. Use additional pieces of construction paper to create additional picture elements (ie. grass, the sun, clouds, or a pond).
5. Have the children use double-sided tape to attach the print-outs and the other design elements to the background construction paper piece.

Use the same steps to create a fun spring day scene on a wall or refrigerator.

Spring Odd One Out Worksheets

Spring Odd One Out Printables include three pages with three unique sets of spring inspired images. From butterflies and ladybugs to flowers and lilypads, each set of images has one image that is slightly different than the rest. Children had a blast trying to be the first to find all of the differences!

This set is ideal for preschool age students, or for a rainy day activity but can be used by teachers, parents and older siblings.

Spring Odd One Out Printables

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