Thanksgiving Tracing Worksheets

It is fall again, and that means Thanksgiving, pumpkins, cool weather, good food, and beautifully colored leaves. For those of us here at Itsy Bitsy Fun, it also means a whole new batch of fun, Thanksgiving Tracing Worksheets!

Thanksgiving Tracing Worksheets for Kids

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These free tracing worksheets are great for young children just developing their fine motor skills.

It helps them learn to trace and follow lines to create pretty, Thanksgiving-themed pictures, to learn their letters, and see words as they say them.

Free Tracing Worksheets – Thanksgiving Theme

In this package of free tracing coloring pages, you will receive 10 unique Thanksgiving-themed tracing sheets made of easy-to-follow dotted lines to help improve your child’s tracing, writing, coloring, and fine motor skills. Each word on the sheet is made up of easily traced dotted lines.

This packet includes the following designs:

Pin for Latter


A plump Thanksgiving turkey with big bright eyes and pretty, autumn leaves in the background. There is also a place to write and learn the word ‘turkey.’


A yummy pie that can be colored any color for your child’s favorite pie – apple, cherry, even rhubarb! Your child also has a space to write and learn the word ‘pie.’


One of every child’s favorite fall decorations – a big, round pumpkin! This sheet also includes fall leaves, a smattering of acorns, and the traceable word ‘pumpkin’ for your child to practice his or her letters.

Happy Thanksgiving

This page is a text-centric page with the words ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ written across the middle of the page. Various leaves and acorns circle the word, completing the fall look.


This page features a large pilgrim’s hat and has a space for your child to trace and learn the word ‘hat.’


This page features a different, more realistic turkey and another chance to practice the word ‘turkey’ as well.


A cornucopia spilling out Thanksgiving goodies! This page also includes the traceable word ‘basket’ for your child to practice writing and spelling.


This page features many different types of fall leaves that can be colored in many different fall colors; it also features the traceable word ‘leaves’ and provides you with the perfect opportunity to teach your child about the changing of the seasons and why the leaves change colors in the fall.

Give Thanks

This page features a happy little cartoon turkey with the large words ‘Give Thanks’ over his head, reminding us all why we celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place.


The final page of our free tracing coloring pages features a wagon overflowing with pumpkins and includes the traceable word ‘wagon’ for your child to practice writing and spelling.

These worksheets are perfect for the holiday season and are the perfect opportunity to teach your children the reason behind the Thanksgiving holidays.

Thanksgiving Printable Tracing Worksheets

These sheets can be laminated for multiple uses or you can simply print them out over and over again!

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