Great Books for 3 Year Old Girls

Books for 3 Year old Girls

Great books with female characters girls can relate too!

   Browse through this list of books for 3 year old girls with female protagonists (boys will enjoy too naturally)! When it comes to books I really don’t think some are more for boys and others more for girls – every book is for everybody but sometimes you need a character a child can relate to a bit better as in the end we still don’t live in world of stereotypes. So this list is just that – a list of books suitable for 3 year olds with strong female protagonists!  

Each of these books will make a great gift for a 3 year old (girl and boy alike).

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Great Books for 3-Year -Old Girls with Strong Characters

Some of these have a dash of pink (for the record I love pink and I do feel it’s being held hostage along with blue in the gender neutral wars) others don’t – I think you’ll find a book for pretty much everyone in this list.
Not Just a Princess 

Just had to start with a princess :). But Mia is not just a princess!

What I love the most about this book is that it encourages the girls to go beyond “glitter and pink” (and I don’t have a problem with glitter and pink just the girl stereotype) and become whatever they want to be and can be more than just one thing (like being a scientist and still being a princesses if they wish to be!) and most importantly – and this is the moral of the story – don’t have to be what others expect them to be.

P.S.: Illustrations are adorable too!

My Name is Not Isabella 

There’s one thing that I know is for sure, when I was in preschool (times were different) I thought I was going to be the first female scientist as no one ever talked about historic female scientists.

This book is all about women who changed the world, strong women our kids should be aware of! Beautiful illustrations, easy to read through story(ies) and a great book for breaking gender stereotypes.

Knuffle Bunny Too

Trixie is super excited to bring her new Knuffle Bunny to school just to realise Sonja has the same bunny too! Oh the horror! Tantrums, chaos, fun and a story of a new found friendship.

While this book doesn’t have a “strong female character” in a sense other books on this list do it does teach something that I really liked – even after a fight, disarrangements a strong friendships can be made.

Grace for President

It doesn’t take long to realize there wasn’t even one female president in USA. So where are all the girls!

While this book is aimed at kids that are a bit older it’s still fun to read with a 3 year old girl (or a boy) – it teaches confidence, working hard for your dreams to come true, courage and independent thought!

And if you ask me it would be about time a competent woman president would lead the nation.

Odd Velvet

Being odd is awesome and kids should know that! Odd Velvet is a girl that is just a bit odd and because of that isn’t understood and fully accepted by her classmates.

This book teaches the kids that it is OK to be different and that you don’t have to change your unique you to fit into the crowd, it just might take a bit longer.

You can never have enough books!

Violet the Pilot

  Now this is a book with a super strong female character! Violet Van Winkle (I just love the name) is a super talented genius who could fix anything in the world when she was only 2 (seriously liked that as young girls can relate to the age) and her talent only grew stronger as she grew. Naturally as with all the super smart and genius kids others tease her because they don’t understand her (a good point a lot of kids will encounter in life). But she’ll show them!

More Great Books 3 Year Old Girls Will Love!

Priscilla McDoodleNutDoodleMcMae asks Why?

This one is actually my personal favorite on the list as I strongly believe in it’s message – be the change.

This book encourages tolerance, understanding and making our world a better place.

Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl’s Baseball Dream

Another great book that touches the subject of girls doing things that are “for boys” and how to handle them.

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