Free Printable Play Money

Free Printable Play Money for your Kids to enjoy

There hardly is a kid on this world that at one time didn’t want to open their own imaginary shop or run a bank (or just needs more monopoly money). To make the play time even more fun he or she will need some money to play with, naturally real money is out of the question unless you are a millionaire.

That’s why you need cool free printable play money and this site features enough to make any kid rich.

Browse through various designs and shapes and get your printable bills and coins.

Realistic Free Printable US dollars $1, $5, $20, $50 and $100

Some kids like their fake money to look as realistic as possible as they feel more connected with the big real world. Naturally you can also use these to teach your kids the importance of money and the value of it.

Super Realistic Dollars from Kids Money Farm

Very realistic bills with lots of detail.
Get your play money here.

More Fun “Fake” Money

Christmas Play Money