Free Realisitc Printable Play Money

These “realistic” play money printables are perfect for helping your kids understand the value of money and have lots of fun while doing so.

I’ve got a lot more cute and fun free printable play money versions so be sure to check them all!

These can be used to play Monopoly or well pretty much any other game or pretend play that requires or involves money.

Printable Play Money for Kids

“Realistic” Free Printable US dollars $1, $5, $20, $50 and $100

These are realistic to some extent – they have the “feel” of dollars but your printer won’t stop you from printing them (as it would if they would look too realistic as you are actually not allowed to print bills that are too realistic). These are a super simplified versions your kids can easily use in their pretend shops and other establishments and learn about numbers and value of money.

There are so many things you can do with play money – your kids can open up their own pretend shop or any other establishment (why not print some kids id licenses or a pretend veterinary play set to make it even more fun?)

Printable Play Money for Kids

Let the kids play and learn with these fun printables!


More fun Play Printables

If your kids love to pretend play why not give them some printable masks to make things even more fun! Or if they love playing board games why not let them design their own monopoly like game?