Preschool Worksheets – Pre-K Printables for Engaging Learning

Browse through this huge selection of engaging Preschool Worksheets for your kids or students.

From pre-writing skills, through letters of the alphabet and down to some basic math concepts, all important areas are covered.

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Browse Pre-K Preschool Worksheets

We’ve divided the worksheets into a few groups, and spotlighted some of the most recent and popular worksheets. Most of the worksheets listed here are free to print and use both in classroom or at home (perfect for homeschooling parents).

Worksheets for Preschool

Writing and Learning to Read

Pre-Writing Preschool Worksheets

Before your preschoolers can get to writing, it is important to help them develop fine motor skills and get them to be confident with their pencil grip. Simple pre-writing tracing worksheets are perfect for this. Most of these worksheets can be used both to practice pencil skills or as scissor practice worksheets (or both at the same time).

Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool

Some curriculums focus on letter recognition and writing the letters of the alphabet in preschools while others focus on this in kindergarten. Easy earning through coloring pages or play dough mats is suitable for preschoolers. These are also a great addition if you teach letter of the week.

Sight Words

Preschool Math Worksheets

Introduce numbers, counting to 20 and basic shapes, amongst other basic math concepts.


There are so many great learning materials in this counting printable collection. From simple counting to 5 to play dough mats. You can use them in your classroom or home to make learning and practicing counting entertaining.


We have quite a nice selection of worksheets that will make learning and practicing shapes fun and stress free :).

Pattern Recognition

This collection of printables is ever growing so do come back and check our new stuff we will create for you and your little ones.

Free Preschool Worksheets