Printable Animal Puzzles {Busy Bag}

Sweet Animal Printables to Keep the Kids Busy

This sweet printable animal puzzle busy bag let’s kids mix and match different parts of animals – either making animals as they should be or creating weird and funky new animals (they can even name the new creations – like “liozebradile” – lion, zebra and crocodile!).

Free Printable Animal Puzzles

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They can also use these as a memory game where they have to match the front end of the animal with the back one (or match all 3 parts)!

Let’s have some learning fun!

Printable Animal Puzzles

This is my first attempt at making these puzzles and I think they turned out pretty nicely (can’t wait to add more animals to the mix!).

For now there are 6 different animals (lion, zebra, tiger, dolphin, horse and crocodile) each of them has 3 pieces (front, middle and back) so there are a lot of fun combinations to be made!

Your kids can also just use the front and the back to make smaller (baby animals).

You could print these on thicker paper to make them last longer or (and I recommend this more) you could laminate them and make them super durable (not to mention making them spill prof).

Printable Animal Puzzles for Kids

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Print Your Animal Puzzles Here

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