2D Shapes Flashcards

Explore the cool world of mathematics, as we’ve prepared another set of free printables for the young learners. 2D  Shapes Flash Cards are here, and that means it’s time to have some geometry fun with them.

Become a master of geometry and learn how the shapes are formed with the awesome 2d shape flashcards printable pack.

Free Printable 2D Shapes Flashcards for Kids

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Ready to start?

These printable flashcards will surely be a cool learning tool for kids who want to know more about different shapes.

2D Shapes Flashcards

Recognizing the shapes is an everyday practice, so let’s start learning about some of them with this lovely 2d Shapes Flashcards printable right away.

You will get 25 shapes flashcards in the pack.

Starting with the first page, where kids will learn about some basic shapes, such as a circle, an ellipse, an oval and a square.

The next four shapes are a rectangle, a trapezoid, a parallelogram and a rhombus.

Encourage your kids to observe and describe each one of them as you show the cards.

Let’s continue with some triangles. There is a right triangle, a scalene triangle, a kite and an equilateral triangle.

Each one of them is different because of its side lengths.

Keep up the good work with a few different shapes: a crescent shape, a cross, a star, and a heart.

On the fifth page, you will wind a pentagon, a hexagon, a septagon, and an octagon. Each one of them has a different number of sides.

The next page includes the cards of a nonagon, a decagon, a pie and an arrow.

And on the last 2d flash card in this printable, there is a semicircle.

2D Shapes Flashcards

Get your free printable 2D Shapes Flashcards here.

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