Vegetable Flashcards with Real Life Photos

After practicing some of the names on a previous veggie flashcards pack, we present you another awesome pack of Vegetable Flashcards with Real Life Photos.

Learn the names of different vegetables using this beautiful set of vocabulary flashcards and keep on practicing their recognition.

Free Pritnable Vegetable Flashcards with Real Life Photos

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Ready to start?

This cool vegetable flashcards pack is a great way to expand the knowledge of the veggies your kid already knows.

Vegetable Flashcards with Real Life Photos

In this printable pack, you will get 32 different vegetable flash cards that include real life photos of each one.

These type of flashcards are perfect for young visual learners.

Let’s see what kinds of vegetables your kids will learn.

Starting with the first page, where you will find a pumpkin, an artichoke, asparagus, and broccoli.

On the next page, there is a cabbage, a tomato, some sweet potatoes, and spinach.

Continue with the cards of scallions, recognize the beetroot, potatoes, and a red pepper.

The fourth page of flashcards has real life photos of peas, an onion, mushrooms and a lettuce.

Kids will learn to recognize garlic, an eggplant, corn and chilly.

On the next 4 flash cards, there is celery, a cauliflower, carrots and a zucchini.

Let’s go further and get to know cucumbers, radish, fennel and a kohlrabi.

And on the last page, you will get a card of kale, bitter gourd, bok choy, and ginger.

We strongly recommend laminating the flashcards before use, to make them last longer.

If your kids are already experts in recognizing the photos and words, you can cover the names of the vegetables and encourage them to identify each one of them without reading their names.

Learning with real life photos is a great practice for distinguishing among similar vegetables such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, cabbage and kale, and many others.

Vegetable Flashcards with Real Life Photos

Get your free printable Vegetable Flashcards with Real Life Photos here.

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