Fruit Flashcards with Real Life Photos

Want to know more about fruits? Let’s get a good dose of vitamins and learn about them with these Fruit Flashcards with Real Life Photos.

Learning with a help of vocabulary cards that include real life photos is just perfect for visual learners.

Free Printable Fruit Flashcards with Real Life Photos

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Ready to start?

Encourage your kids to practice and learn about some of the fruits that should be on our plates daily.

Fruit Flashcards with Real Life Photos

In this cool pack of fruit flashcards with real life photos, you will get 32 cards.

Presenting the fruits with their real life pictures makes it easier for kids to recognize them in their surroundings.

Let’s take a look at the first four cards.

You will find figs, an orange, a honeydew and a mango.

On the next page, there are some more tasteful fruits: a lemon, a kiwi, two kakis, and grapes.

Get to know the plums, dates, coconut and cherries on the next four cards with realistic pictures.

Take a look at the blueberries, a banana, apricots, and an apple.

Learn more and get to know a watermelon, a strawberry, some raspberries and fruit filled with the vitamins C and E – a pomegranate.

The next few images show us a pineapple, a pear, peanuts, and peaches.

On the seventh page, you will see how papaya, avocado, lime and mandarin look.

And on the last page, there is quince, lychees, blackberries and a grapefruit.

If your kids love to play with flashcards, we suggest laminating them, to make the last longer.

You can print out two versions of these cards and play a memory or a matching game.

Fruit Flashcards with Real Life Photos

Get your free printable Fruit Flashcards with Real Life Photos here.

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