Fruit Flashcards

Do your kids love learning with flashcards? Get to know the names of different fruits with these lovely and Fruit Flashcards that we’ve created.

Fruit flashcards with words will help your kids to recognize and learn the names of each fruit.

Lovely Free Fruit Flashcards

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Ready to start?

Learn to differentiate between different fruits and get to know their names using this pack of fruit flashcards.

Fruit Flashcards ( + vegetables)

Fruits are an important source of vitamins, so let’sĀ start off with some nice and fruit flashcards to encourage the kids to try out each one of them.

There are 10 different fruits in this pack (a pineapple, a pear, an orange, an apple, grapes, cherries, blueberries, a banana, a strawberry and a lemon).

Each card has an image of the specific fruit and its name at the bottom of the card.

The cards are in different colors, so your children will also practice the color recognition at the same time.

If your kids already recognize the fruits, you could cover the image on each card, and let them describe what the word means.

For example, you could cover the image of grapes and let them represent the fruit in their own way. They can talk about what color are the grapes, where do they grow, how do they taste, and so on.

To play with these flashcards longer, we strongly recommend laminating them before use.

You could also mix this fruit pack with the vegetable flashcards pack and play the sorting game.

Kids could sort the fruits and vegetables by their color, their size or their taste.

Free Fruit Flashcards

Get fruit flashcards and posters (+ vegetables)

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