Vegetable Flashcards

Vegetables should be a part of our everyday eating habits, but not every child is so enthusiastic about that. So let’s try a different approach by playing games and identifying them with this adorable set of Vegetable Flashcards.

Let’s learn some new words with these vegetable vocabulary flashcards and have fun doing it!

Fun Free Printable Vegetable Flashcards

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Ready to start?

Flashcards are a perfect tool for learning new words, so this time we’ve designed a lovely pack to learn about some of the most common vegetables.

Vegetable Flashcards ( + fruits)

In this pack, you will get 10 unique and vegetable flashcards.

Each card includes an image and a written word of a specific vegetable.

There is a carrot, corn, a lettuce, a mushroom, a potato, an onion, a paprika, an eggplant, broccoli and a tomato.

These printable cards are great for recognizing and identifying images and words while having fun at the same time.

We do suggest laminating them, in order to make them last longer.

If you print out two versions of these cards, you could also play a memory or a matching game.

So, encourage your kids to identify the images, let them say their names out loud and maybe – if you have the opportunity – even try every one of them at lunch time.

Free Printable Vegetable Flashcards

Get vegetable flashcards and posters (+ fruits)

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