Back to School Printable Puzzles for Kids

Ready for the upcoming school year? Going back to the benches can be even more fun by solving some thematic puzzles! We have prepared a cool Back to School Printable Puzzles pack for the young learners to start their first days with.

These image puzzle games are perfect for strengthening physical, cognitive and emotional skills.

Back to School Printable Puzzles

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Ready to start?

Going back to school can be stressful for some kids, so to help to keep them a bit more relaxed, we’ve got a nice pack of school themed puzzles to solve.

Back to School Printable Puzzles

The back to school puzzle pack is great to keep your kids busy for a while. There are 2 versions of the set.

The first one is a black and white one if you want to same some color on printer, and the second one is pre-colored.

If your kids love to color, then the printer-friendly version will be the best choice.

They can color all of the images with their favorite crayons.

You will get 4 unique designs in the pack.

There is a school with trees and a bench.

The second page has a pencil, a ruler and some letters on it.

On the third page, you will find a pack of books.

And on the last page, there is a school bus.

If you want to play with the puzzles more often, we suggest laminating them.

You can also print the pages on a thicker paper if you don’t have a laminator.

Solving puzzles is great for gross and fine motor skills.

Kids need to find which piece fits the other one, by observing the image on each piece of the puzzle.

This way they will practice their memory skills and better remember which pieces they’ve already tried to fit in the puzzle.

Fun Back to School Printable Puzzles

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