Back to School Drawing Prompts

Enjoy your first days at school and start drawing with a help of these thematic Back to School Drawing Prompts that we’ve prepared for your little ones.

A bit of guidance in drawing always gives a lot of space for imagination so let’s grab those crayons and create unique images by printing this lovely pack out.

Back to School - Drawing Prompts

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Ready to start?

Let’s get in the school mood once again and create some awesome drawings using this free drawing prompts pack.

Free Printable Back to School Drawing Prompts

This pack includes 5 unique printer-friendly pages.

On the first page, kids are encouraged to draw something on the blackboard in the image. They can also draw some other things, of course, perhaps on the table, and color the whole image afterward.

The next one is an outline of a school bus. The bus is missing a tire, some windows, and doors. Let your young learners finish the bus as they see it fit.

On the third page, there is a globe. Let their imagination do the drawing and see what’s their view of out planet.

Next one is a half drawing of a school. Kids can finish the roof, draw the windows, trees, playground and a lot of other things around it.

On the last page, they can finish the drawing of their favorite teacher. The face already has thin eyebrows, a shape of a nose and mouth.

These printables are perfect for preschool and kids in kindergarten. If you want your little ones to use these back to school free printable drawing prompts over and over again I suggest you laminate them.

After they’re done, they will get a lovely set of coloring pages that they can color.

Back to School - Printable Drawing Prompts

Grab Back to School Drawing Prompts Here!

Get your free printable Back to School Drawing Prompts here.

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