Halloween Drawing Prompts

Ready for the Halloween yet? If your kids adore this spooky holiday, then these cool free printable Halloween Drawing Prompts will surely be a pack of fun.

This creative pack is a great start for making your own spooky Halloween drawings.

Free Printable Halloween Drawing Prompts for Kids. Fun Halloween activity for kids to do.

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Ready to start?

Let’s grab those markers, finish the given lines and create your own spooky pages.

Halloween Drawing Prompts for Kids

This pack includes 4 different Halloween drawing prompt pages.

All of the pages are printer-friendly, so let’s print them out and have some Halloween fun!

Kids need to finish the spooky castle on the first one. They can draw some roofs, windows, doors, bats, the moon, or anything else they see that would fit on the castle.

On the second one, you will find an outline of a vampire’s face. Kids can draw some spooky eyes, a nose, ears, big teeth and color the vampire after.

The third page includes a witch’s hat and the boots. Encourage young artists to draw the witch’s face, body, legs, and hands. They can also draw a broom or a cooking pot somewhere.

On the next page, kids need to finish the well-known Jack O’Lantern. Create some lines to draw a pumpkin, draw its teeth and “carve” one more eye on it.

After your kids finish their cool drawings, they can color the whole pack with their favorite markers or crayons.

These pages are also perfect as a Halloween decoration, so place them somewhere they can be seen.

The pack is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten who like to be creative.

So, let the festive fun begin by drawing some unique spooky art!

Drawing Prompts for Haloween

Get your free Halloween Drawing Prompts here.

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