Winter Drawing Prompts for Kids

Grab your favorite markers and crayons, because we got a lovely pack of free printable Winter Drawing Prompts for Kids to get busy with.

Drawing with a help of prompts encourages kids to start drawing on their own, so these worksheets will be just perfect for kids in kindergarten and preschool.

Free Printable Winter Drawing Prompts for Kids

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Ready to start?

Let’s print out this lovely winter drawing pack and enjoy creating unique images!

Free Printable Winter Drawing Prompts

There are 4 different winter drawing prompts worksheets in this pack.

Each page has a short instruction on how to finish the drawing.

Starting with the first page, where kids need to draw their own snowman.

There are a snowman’s hat and head already at the top of the page, so kids need to finish the snowman the way they want.

On the next page, kids are encouraged to decorate the winter hat.

They can draw different lines and shapes onto it, and color it with their favorite crayons or markers after.

Winter Themed Drawing Prompts - Worksheets


The following page has an instruction to draw the ice skater.

Kids will already see the shape of the ice skater’s head with a nose and lips.

The ice skater also has a winter hat and ice skates.

And on the last page, there are a few snowflakes, a snowy tree, and a snowman.

Young drawers need to finish the winter scenery as they see it fit.

They can draw some more snowflakes, sleigh, some children, or anything they can think of would fit.

Enjoy drawing and have fun coloring your creations!

Winter Drawing Prompts

Get your free Winter Drawing Prompts here.

Enjoy the winter by coloring some Snowflake Coloring Pages and have fun playing the Transportation Memory Game as well.