Printable Prepositions of Place Worksheet

When talking about places and where objects or subjects are located, it’s good to know some of the basic prepositions. Here is a free Printable Prepositions of Place Worksheet for your kids to practice those vocabulary skills.

This locational prepositions exercise will help your kids become better at using them in real life situations.

Free Printable Prepositions of Place Worksheet for Kids

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Enjoy solving these cute worksheets and learn to use accurate prepositions of place in no time.

Printable Prepositions of Place Worksheet

You will get one printable prepositions of place worksheet.

They need to choose and circle between the prepositions such as “on”, “in”, and “under”, in order to finish each exercise.

There are six frames with a descriptive image on the worksheet. Each one includes a sentence, where kids need to circle the correct preposition.

In the first frame, there is a sentence, where young learners need to figure out where the apple is positioned.


The correct answer is, of course:”The apple is on the plate.”

On the second image, there is a fox in the forest.

The third one goes:”The cat is on/in/under the table.” Kids need to choose the right preposition of place and circle the chosen one.

On the fourth image, there is a flower in the vase.

The following image has a book lying on the floor.

And on the last one, there is a car under the bridge.

A lot of times it helps to read all of the answers out loud in order to choose the accurate answer, so encourage them to practice their reading at the same time.

Solving these basic exercises will surely be useful when learning the other prepositions later on.

Have fun and solve the worksheet like a pro!

Circle the Preposition of Place - Worksheet

Get your free Prepositions of Place Worksheet here.

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