Christmas Drawing Prompts for Kids

Ready for some creative drawing during the holidays? We’ve got a new pack of free printable Christmas Drawing Prompts for Kids to have fun with.

This free pack will encourage your young ones in their artistic thinking.

Free Printable Christmas Drawing Prompts for Kids 

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Ready to start?

Grab your favorite coloring medium and finish off the given drawings.

Christmas Finish The Drawing for Kids

The free pack of drawing prompts for kids includes 4 unique Christmas themed pages.

Drawing prompts are a great way to keep your kids creative and busy at the same time.

They are perfect for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

On the first page, there is a Christmas tree with ornaments. Kids need to finish the image by drawing things under the tree.

The second page has a big present on it. Encourage your kids to decorate it with their favorite markers and draw as many of details they want.

On the next page, there is an unfinished drawing of a Santa Claus. Young artists can draw his face, his legs, and other parts of the Santa that they see fit.

And on the last page, kids need to finish the drawing of a snowman. They can draw his eyes, nose and “hands” with branches. They can even draw him a hat and a scarf if they want to.

After they finish off these Christmas images, they can – of course – color the whole pack to make it even more unique as it is.

The finished drawings will be also perfect as holiday decorations in your home, so find a nice place to display them.

Enjoy spreading the joy and have fun drawing on these cool Christmas themed drawing prompts pages.

Lovely Christmas Drawing Prompts for Kids

Get your free Christmas Drawing Prompts here.

Enjoy coloring some Snowflake Coloring Pages and have fun creating your own Family Book.