Summer Drawing Prompts

The summer days are almost here and for this hot season, we have designed another great summer themed pack. Learn how to draw with a help of the lovely and free Summer Drawing Prompts.

Kids usually have a lot of drawing ideas, so these pages will surely get a totally new look after they’re done.

Free Printable Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids

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Ready to start?

Drawing can get even more exciting if your kids use the cool drawing prompts pages.

Summer Drawing Prompts

So let’s grab those markers and finish off these lovely summer drawing prompts.

You will get 4 unique summer drawing prompts pages in this set.

The best thing about drawing prompts is that your kids will learn to think about details and try to draw what they think will fit best.

Let’s start with a lonely boat on the first one.

There is a circle in the sky, so your kids can always use their imagination and finish the drawing as they want.

The next page is an underwater environment.

At the bottom of the sea, you will find some seagrasses, a seashell, and some bubbles coming up to the surface.

On the third page, kids need to finish the picture by drawing the missing parts of the person on it.

Encourage them to draw as many things they can think of.

On the last page, there is an eye and two fins, that indicate, this could become a fish.

Maybe your kids will draw something completely different and finish the image in the most artistic way, which is great!

Finishing these drawings is perfect for evolving creativity and observation skills too.

Kids can, of course, color the images after they’re finished.

Summer Drawing Prompts Free Printable for Kids

Get your free printable Summer Drawing Prompts here.

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