Sea Animals Symmetry Drawing Worksheets

Ready for summer? Grab your markers and prepare for another adventure to the underwater world with these lovely Sea Animals Symmetry Worksheets.

These worksheets are great for practicing mirror-reflected perception of objects by drawing the other half of the images.

Free Printable Sea Animals Symmetry Worksheets for Kids

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Ready to start?

Let’s start copying the halves of these adorable sea animals and practice the drawing skills.

Sea Animals Symmetry Worksheets

Looking for some fun summer worksheets, that will keep your kids busy for a while? Let’s dive in with these adorable sea animals pages and start drawing!

In this set of sea animals symmetry worksheets, you will get 5 unique pages.

The pages include the halves of a jellyfish, a stingray, a starfish, a crab and a half of a shell.

Kids need to pay attention to the line of symmetry that passes vertically through the center of each worksheet.

There are 16 squares in each row. Each half has 8 squares on the left and 8 squares on the right side of the line.

Symmetry worksheets on squared paper will help your kids to re-draw the image on the left half onto the right half of the page.

When they decide to start, encourage them to count the squares on the left side, to help them find the mirror square on the right side of the worksheet where they need to draw.

This way, they will easily locate the accurate square and copy the mirror image onto it.

These reflective symmetry coloring pages are perfect for strengthening the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

After they’re done, they can color all of the animals and enjoy their awesome artwork.

Sea Animals Symmetry Worksheets

Print These Free Worksheets

Get your free Sea Animals Symmetry Worksheets here.

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