Animal Classification and Sorting Printable Activity

Classifying the animals can be a tricky business – the scientists call it the taxonomy. So let’s do some sorting and learn how to group them with the Animal Classification and Sorting Printable Activity.

The amazing animal kingdom has a few major groups and there are around 800,000 species that have already been identified on our planet.
Free Animal Classification and Sorting Printable Activity

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This basic animal classification system will help your kids to get to know some of the most common classes of animals.

Animal Classification and Sorting Printable Activity

Learn about the four major classes of animals: the mammals, birds, fish, and the reptiles & amphibians.

In this pack, you will get two versions of the printable – a printer friendly one and a pre-colored one.

Let’s start with a wheel of 5 different animals classes.

We have joined the reptiles and amphibians animal class just for the simplicity of it.

In the wheel, you will see four different environments. Each one represents a usual living habitat of the animal class.

Kids will get to know 24 different animals. On the last page, you will find 24 cards with the names of these animals.

In the class of reptiles and amphibians, there is a snake, a turtle, a chameleon, a frog, a crocodile and a lizard.

The class of mammals includes a bear, a fox, a mouse, a dog, a goat and a pig.

In the class of birds, you will find a hen, a duck, a toucan, a turkey, a penguin and an owl.

And in the fish class, there is a clownfish, an eel, a shark, a goldfish, a seahorse and a swordfish.

We strongly suggest laminating all of the material, to make it last longer.

You can also glue these pages on a thicker paper and later cut out the wheel and cards.

All you have to do now is to glue the images of animals and the name cards on the pegs.

Now, let’s have some sorting fun!

Have the kids place the suitable image of an animal to its class and enjoy learning the fun way!
Animal Classification and Sorting Free Printable Activity

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