Printable Desert Animals File Folder Game

Travel through the vast deserts of the world and get to know 10 different animals that have adapted to the hot climate of this environment. Let’s have fun matching and finding the right position of each one of them with the free Printable Desert Animals File Folder Game.

These type of file folder games are perfect for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

Desert Animals Free Printable File Folder Game for Kids

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Ready to start?

Let’s solve these cool animal puzzles and learn their names while we are at it.

Printable Desert Animals File Folder Game

There are two pages in this set, on the first one, there is an image of a desert environment with 10 blank squares on it.

The next page includes 10 desert animals and 10 squares with the names of these animals.

We suggest laminating both pages before cutting them up, so your kids will be able to enjoy them for a longer period of time.

Cut out all of the squares with animals and their names.

The goal of the game is to find the accurate position of each animal on the page with the environment on it.

Kids will have to observe the surroundings of each card, in order to find its place.

After they’ve placed all of the animals on the environment, they can continue by placing the other (animal name cards) on these image cards. This way, they will learn their names and easily recognize the desert animals.

They can also play a matching game. Simply mix all of the 20 cards and find the pairs.

For the kids who are already good at recognizing these animals, a great pack of fun would be a memory game.

If they have difficulties recognizing the animals, you can also glue the image cards and the name cards together.

Free Printable Desert Animals File Folder Game

Get your free Desert Animals File Folder Game here.

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