Printable Rainforest Animals File Folder Game

Travel into the dense rainforest and get to know some of the animals that live there with a brand new Printable Rainforest Animals File Folder Game.

File folder games are always great for learning new things and having fun at the same time.

Free Printable Rainforest Animals File Folder Game for Kids

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Are you ready to start?

This file folder game pack is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Free Printable File Folder Game – Rainforest Animals

The rainforest has always been a majestic habitat, so we have prepared a cool simple game for your young ones to have fun with.

You will get 2 pre-colored pages in the pack.

The first page includes a rainforest environment with 10 blank squares on it.

On the other page, you need to cut out the squares of 10 different animals. There is a toucan, a monkey, a chameleon, a snake, a tiger, a cockatoo, a dragonfly, a frog, a tarantula and a mosquito.

On the second page, there are also 10 squares with all of the animals names.

Kids need to find out where to put those animals, by observing the environment on each image.

Each animal fits in one place only – the whole image is really a rainforest animal puzzle that your kids need to solve.

The pack is also great as a matching game. Simply mix the name cards together with the images and find the pairs.

You could also ask your kids to first solve the puzzle, and then put the names of each animal onto the images.

We do suggest laminating the rainforest page and the small cards, to make them last longer.

A great idea is also to glue the pairs (the names and the images) together and laminate them after.

This way your kids can practice the names of rainforest animals even more and remember them easily.

So, let’s have some fun learning time with these amazing creatures and print out the pack!

Rainforest Animals File Folder Game

Get your free Rainforest Animals File Folder Game here.

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