10 Fun Math File Folder Games Free Printable

Numbers, addition, subtraction and multiplication! Learning with math file folder games is always fun so I’ve decided to find the !
I’ve already got quite a collection of free printable file folder games with many different subjects – math, literacy, sequencing, alphabet…

10 Fun Math File Folder Games Free Printable

1. Let’s work on addition with numbers from 1 to 10 with this fun addition file folder game. Perfect for kindergarten and grade 1!

2. Let’s count to 10! These ice cream file folder games are perfect for that!

3. Subtraction? We’ve got it! Grab this math printable!

4. First graders can struggle with multiplication. But these fun Martian themed printables are here to help!

5. This one is not to print but the idea is absolutely amazing. Let’s count with the help of this fun octopus game!

6. Two thirds, one half, three quarters… Lets make learning these a bit easier with fractions file folder games.

7. Addition up to 16? You’ve got it with these super adorable acorn addition.

8. Two adorable counting games are waiting for you – a construction site one and one with watermelons. Get them here.

9. Skip counting is also important! Grab this skip counting game.

10. Not a 100% math game but I think this one fits more than perfectly – a fun game to help teach time telling time.

10 Fun Math File Folder Games Free Printable