New Printables on Site: Farewell summer!

  New Printables on Site: Farewell summer!
I have been busy creating new learning printables! I had a lot of time to make them as the weather was horrible most of the time and you really can’t do much on a rainy day.

As I sat down and craved for warm days I created these fun ice cream coloring pages (oh yes, I was eating ice cream when I was making them!).

As school is already starting (at some places it already started weeks ago and some of you still have summer vacation) I though it would be fun to make  the I have Who Has Shapes and Colors game to help the early learners as well as number tracing worksheets.

As summer is saying it’s goodbye and leaves have already started falling off trees we took advantage on it and started learning about leaves! I will be posting what we did this week soon as I really think you will like the idea (it’s not revolutionary and it’s probably been done before but it’s still pretty fun). But let’s get back to learning about leaves! I made these leaf learning coloring pages – I have to admit I learned quite a bit myself when I was making them as I have forgotten quite a bit (shame, shame on me).

I’ve also created another fun file folder game for early learners fitting for the season to come! Do check the new fall file folder games.

This is is as far as free printables for this week go (and I promise I will be putting up a new blog post each week with all the new printables added to the website).