Halloween Pumpkin Rainbow Loom

 As Halloween approaches it’s time to grab the loom and make some fancy looking Rainbow Loom Pumpkins!
These will make a great decoration for necklaces and bracelets or you can use them to decorate the bottom of wine glasses (be sure to use the free printable Halloween bottle labels to decorate the bottles) to give them a fancy look!

It looks like this year we won’t be carving our own pumpkins (the ones in the garden didn’t turn out well – boo) so it looks like we will be getting them at the farmers market. But to make things right this little rainbow loom charm came to the rescue! Fun and sweet and oh so Halloween-ish!

To make these pumpkin charms I followed a smiley face tutorial by Made by Mommy with a few simple adjustments.

She starts of her project with a single black band I switched that one to green to make the stem. Also I obviously used the orange bands instead of yellow ones. Other than that the procedure is exactly the same.

This rainbow loom project isn’t too difficult although it does have a few tricky parts with lots of bands on one loom so you will need precision and some patience.

Watch the Halloween Rainbow Loom Pumpkin video tutorial.

Halloween (and well fall in general) is the best time to learn about pumpkins so be sure to grab some of my free printable worksheets – along with this fun Rainbow Loom project kids will have a great time learning about them. So be sure to check these pumpkin life cycle worksheets.

 Halloween Pumpkin Rainbow Loom