Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

Getting ready for the Halloween party night? This time we’ve got a cool Printable Halloween Bingo Cards to share with you.

These free Halloween bingo games with pictures are perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards for Kids

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Ready to start?

Print out the colorful pack of Halloween cards and let the BINGO begin.

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

In this printable Halloween themed bingo pack, you will get 8 cards plus one call sheet.

First, you need to prepare the cards by cutting them out of each page. Cut out also all of the images from the call sheet separately (these cards will be our call cards).

The game is best played with multiple players, so this pack of Halloween cards will come in handy at parties as well.

This fun and spooky bingo can be played by your own rules, so decide which combination is a winning one before starting the game.

Each child gets one of the unique bingo cards.

Put all of the call cards (from the last page) into a bowl, cup or a box.

The game can begin by pulling out one of the call cards. Encourage your kids to tell what the Halloween-themed image is showing.

Each kid should find that same image on their bingo card and mark it.

We strongly suggest laminating all of the bingo cards for repeated play.

You could use dry erase markers or regular ones to mark the called image or simply place some rocks, candies or other kinds of markers that you have at home.

On each card, there is also a free space and a “boo!” space, that is considered automatically filled.

There are a number of ways that you can win the bingo. The winning pattern could be a horizontal or a vertical line of images on the card. You can make up your own winning pattern to make the game even more interesting.

When the winning lines get “filled”, it’s time to yell “BINGO”.

Pritnable Halloween Bingo Cards for kids. Perfect for pre-K and kindergarten game.

Get your free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards here.

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