Printable Summer Bingo Game for Kids

Summer time is here and for the hot season, we’ve prepared another fun game to play. This time we present you a Printable Summer Bingo Game.

The free bingo cards are just perfect for the outdoors, so let’s print them out and let the game begin.

Free Printable Summer BINGO Game for Kids

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Ready to start?

This bingo printable pack is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Printable Summer Bingo Game

In this freebie, you will get 5 pre-colored pages.

The first four pages include 2 bingo cards – all together, there are 8 bingo cards.

On the last page, there are individual cards for the draw.

The summer themed bingo cards are perfect to keep your kids busy for a while in the hot summer days.

You will find a shark, a beach umbrella, a sand castle, a starfish, beach sandals, a boy, a girl, a jellyfish and a lot of more summer stuff.

So, let’s get started by printing all of the pages and cut out all of the playing cards.

We do suggest laminating the cards and play the game using dry erase markers to mark the drawn images.

To make things even more exciting, make up your own rules and play the bingo how you wish.

So, have fun and don’t forget to yell out the “BINGO” when you win!

Summer BINGO Game

Get your free Summer BINGO Games here.

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