Build a Fish and an Octopus Printable

The summer time can get even more fun with a brand new building printable that we’ve designed. We got a wonderful Build a Fish and an Octopus Printable pack for your kiddos to play with.

Putting together different parts of animals will surely keep them busy and entertained for some time.

Build a Fish and an Octopus Printable

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Ready to start?

Get creative by mixing different parts of these two adorable creatures and let the fun begin once more.

Build a Fish and an Octopus Printable

In this pack, you will get 8 unique pages.

Choose between a pre-colored or a black and white version, where kids can color all of the parts the way they want.

On the first page, there is a body of an octopus. It already has it’s arms and legs but is missing its eyes and mouth.

The next page includes a blue fish with all of its fins, while the third page only has a yellow body of a fish.

On the fourth page, you will get 18 pairs of different eyes. All of the parts have dashed lines around them, so it will be easier to cut them all out nicely.

Continue to cut all of the 24 mouths from the next page.

Go further and cut out all of the fins that you find on the next two pages. There are dorsal, pectoral, pelvic and caudal fins that you can choose from.

On the last page, there is a mix of accessories that you can cut out and put onto the octopus and the fish.

The most important of all is to have fun mixing different parts and putting them on a fish or octopus.

There are no wrong positions, so just let your kids do the decisions and enjoy their creativity.

Lovely Build a Fish and an Octopus Printable

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