20 Beyond Delicious Popsicle Recipes

 OK let me set the mood for you… Do you know the song Bicycle Race by Queen? If not you can listen to it here. Now that that’s set we will change the lyrics a bit – sing with me!

Popsicle, pospicle, popsicle!
I want to eat my popsicle, 

I want to eat it now,
I want to eat my popsicle,
I want to eat it where I want!

We could go further with the lyrics as the song has some yummy potential but let’s talk about these beyond delicious frozen treats shall we!

 20 Beyond Delicious Popsicle Recipes

1. If you have a Monster High fan in your household these are a must make – check the delicious and super awesome looking Draculaura Popsicle recipe.

2. Cookies are delicious… But there is one thing that’s even tastier than cookies – cookie dough. You see where I’m going with this? It’s true you can indeed make cookie dough ice pops! (I have a batch in the freezer right now and can’t wait for it!)

3. We made a strawberry yoghurt ones this week and they were yummy!

4. What about some PB&J ? Om nom nom!

5. Another great combination you must try is watermelon and berry. Super refreshing!

6. If you don’t have moulds or an ice pop maker you can always make frozen yogurt pops.

7. Dreamy and creamy the coconut and blood orange mix!

8. Peach season already started here so these peach pops are on the to do list.

9. Love lime pie? You will love these!

10. Now if you really want your kids to go crazy you really should make these candy ice pops! Super sweet idea!

11. I’m a sucker for raspberries – we have them in our garden but none of them manages it to the kitchen (eating them straight from the bush is THE BEST!). Thankfully there’s farmers market! This raspberry and white chocolate ice pop is divine!

12.  Here’s another take on strawberry goodness – strawberry shortcake pops.

13.  Now I think the list so far has been pretty great but we’re desperately missing one ingredient – desperately!!! So be quick and make thesebanana cocoa fudgecicles.

14. Love smoothies? You’re going to love these smoothie popsicles – oh so pretty and tasty!

15. We haven’t had anything green yet… And green is super delicious! Don’t believe me? Try this creamy kivi and avocado mix.

16. Nutella Popsicles. Need I say more?

17. One Nutella recipe is like no Nutella recipe! So here’s a layered Nutella and Oreo fudgesicles recipe.

18. These are gorgeous and the ingredients will blow your mind… I’m not telling more you will just have to check this amazing recipe.

19. This one will take awhile to make but it’s well worth the effort as it’s gorgeous (and super healthy and tasty) – behold the rainbow ice pop!

20. This one is just for adults but as it’s so awesome it has to be here. Coffee addict? Prepare for this awesomeness – coffee popsicle.

 20 Beyond Delicious Popsicle Recipes