Printable Ocean Animals File Folder Game

Keep your kids busy and enjoy the hot summer while learning about the life under the sea with this cute Printable Ocean Animals File Folder Game.

With this free printable file folder game, your kids will get to know a bit more about the sea life and have fun at the same time.

Ocean Animals File Folder Game Prinable

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Are you ready to start?

Let’s learn about the ocean animals with a help of this lovely file folder game. The pack is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Printable Ocean Animals File Folder Game

Dive under the surface of a majestic ocean and do some animal recognition exercises with this cool ocean animals learning pack.

You will get 2 pre-colored pages in the printable.

The first page includes an ocean habitat with 10 blank squares.

On the second page, you will get 10 different squares with animals pictured on it. There are also 10 squares with the names of these animals.

You will find a swordfish, a shark, a jellyfish, a crab, a starfish, an octopus, a killer whale, a clownish, an eel and a seahorse.

We suggest laminating the pages to make them last longer. If you don’t have a laminator, printing on a thicker/heavier paper will do the trick.

The point of the game is to put the animals onto their position on the first page.

Kids can help themselves by looking at the background of each animal, to recognize where they belong.

When they find the right spot, they simply put the image onto the blank square.

Now it’s time to put on the name cards.

Kids need to recognize the animals on each image and put the right name card on it.

If you want to practice the names of the animals some more, you can glue the animal images together with the name cards.

This way you will get an image of an animal on one side, and its name on the other.

So now you can also use them as a flash cards game. Show your kids the image, and encourage them to recognize it and say its name out loud.

Ocean Animals File Folder Game

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